The Beauty Question

Camera Op: Thomas Wootton
Film by: Sharif Hamza
Client: Beauty Papers

"I find stories to be beautiful, and more so the opportunity for all to tell personal ones. I wanted to capture the depth of the beauty in the faces and the stories of those with identities that combine yet transcend middle eastern and western backgrounds. The subjects of this shoot have middle eastern faces but the cultures, issues and feelings that they identify with go far beyond what they look like or where they were raised. A greater exploration of the term beauty is more than skin deep. Growing up in London, obsessed with magazines, I had always longed to see faces like mine and my sister’s printed on pages. It’s wonderful to see that we are in changing times where everyone’s beauty is included. This shoot was an opportunity for me to use my voice and my work to show others something that I find to be beautiful but often overlooked." - Sharif Hamza